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PHAT Fiction: Engaging Hip-Hop Literature in the Public Library(*phat=popular, hip and tempting fiction).

Why should librarians identify and purchase urban fiction? While book reviews, publishers' lists, and patron requests drive much library purchasing mainstream publishers' omission of hip hop imprints often means patrons are not finding what they want to read on library shelves.

The PHAT Fiction panel discussion was held on June 28th at the 2010 American Library Association's Conference in Washington, D.C. During this discussion, the panelists explored the impact of hip hop publishers and authors in public libraries and a comparison of racial, ethnic, and regional aspects of urban fiction. This wikispace was created as a means to communicate, collaborate, and share ideas and information with librarians, teachers and supporters of the genre.

The PHAT Fiction panel was organized and moderated by Susan K. McClelland, Reader's Advisor Librarian for the Evanston Public Library in Evanston, Illinois. Participants of this panel discussion included:

K.C. Boyd, co-moderator Area Library Coordinator, Chicago Public Schools - Department of Libraries and Information Services

Kia Dupree, panelist Author of "Damaged"

Vanessa Irvin Morris, panelist Librarian and Assistant Professor The iSchool at Drexel University

Christopher Lassen, panelist Children's Librarian, Brooklyn Public Library

Megan Honig, panelist Young Adult Materials Specialist, New York Public Library

Amy Pattee, panelist Associate Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science Simmons College

Paula Chase Hyman, panelist Author of the "Del Rio Bay" YA Series

D.L. Grant, panelist Assistant Manager, San Antonio Public Library

Tachelle Wilkes, panelist Author/Educator

Coe Booth, panelist Author of "Tyrell" and "Kendra"